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A fully automated CNC organization.

With a history spanning over 70 years, we at Modern Engineering continue to build successful business relationships by exceeding our customers' expectations for CNC machining components. With the highest reputation for precision engineering and machining in British Columbia, our aim is to contribute to our customers' success by creating solutions through team analysis and innovative manufacturing practices.

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Like many of you, I go on vacation with my family every year. For some people, otherwise known as workaholics, vacation is a struggle. But most people love going on vacation and spend a lot of time planning the perfect annual holiday.

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Complete Project Management and Quality Control

Our role is not limited to simply receiving and fulfilling orders. Instead we work with our clients throughout each project from beginning to end. We have found that continuous communication and long term relationships are the best solutions for success. In addition, our dedication to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management gives us the ability to create unparalleled machined components consistently in our machine shop.

Why Modern?

"If businesses invested more in training, Canada would not have a skills shortage and unemployment rates would be lower."

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Modern Engineering is your solution for everything from CNC automation and machining, to milling and turning. No matter what size of project, our specialized team and optimized machine shop is ready to work.